What Z Stands For

Zawalski Construction doesn’t believe in building spaces, we believe in building experiences. Whether it’s a room or a house, anyone can create a space. But with careful planning, vision and the right resources we create an experience that is smooth in the building process which will leave you with a positive attitude toward the finished product. It will end up being an enjoyable process that will result in exactly what you desire.

We only employ highly skilled tradesmen who are not only knowledgeable, but also professional and courteous. If we are working on an addition while you’re living in your home, we will enter with respect and leave it without mess. We are dedicated to creating a pleasurable experience that lasts long after we’ve left.

Meet Chris Zawalski  General Contractor / Owner

Chris has been building in Long Beach and the beach cities for the past 25 years. From project planning to its completion, his passion for and knowledge of the construction process makes for a very smooth experience. Chris approaches each project as if it was his own. Listening to the client’s wants and needs and tending to them throughout the process results in an end product that both he and you will be proud of. Chris runs each job and coordinates each trade so that the process is smooth and it gets done in a timely manner.