Your Bathroom Remodel Done Right

Bathroom remodels and designs have changed drastically over the past 30 years. Bathrooms in older Long Beach homes used to average about 5- by 8-feet, and have nearly doubled since then. To bring your bathroom up to today’s standards is not a task for a do-it-yourselfer or jack-of-all-trades. Bathroom remodels take the coordination and skill of several trades so that it results in a job that looks good and functions dependably. At Zawalski Construction, we are there during every step of the process, and with experts leading the way.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom remodeling project starts with the guidance of one of our design specialists who will help create a space that reflects the taste of the owner from the floorplan all the way down to the fixtures and colors chosen. We work with your budget and figure out if we are able to use the existing space to achieve your needs or if it’s necessary to move walls to bring your bathroom up to today’s standards.

Building Your New Bathroom Remodel

Once the space is designed, we take care of any permits if necessary and our qualified builders work hand-in-hand with our plumbers so that everything functions properly and the process flows smoothly. Properly preparing the space for the daily exposure to water is something that isn’t seen but can cause problems later if not done right. Whether remodeling a bathroom that’s inspired by your trip to Italy or is part of Long Beach’s historic restoration, our experienced tile setters, cabinet makers, electricians and painters will ensure that your vision is realized by carefully piecing together the right tile patterns, choosing the right colors and providing the other finishing touches.