House Remodel for your Lifestyle

Starting Your House Remodel

Probably the hardest part of a home remodel for any homeowner is getting started. What can you do to maximize existing space? If you’re adding more square footage, where do you add it? How do you go about making plans? How can you make your dollar go farthest while still getting what you need? These questions and many more need to be answered to help point you in the right direction. And they should be answered by someone who has the experience and know-how so that they are answered correctly.

At Zawalski Construction, we pride ourselves with the amount of referrals we receive because our customers trust that we will make their friends’ house remodel a painless process. We are able to answer all your questions and help point you in the right direction to get your addition on the right path. From helping decide what needs to be done to developing a plan to completing it in a timely manner. We are there for you  to help lead the way.

A House Remodel to Make it Your Home

No matter how large or small your house remodel is – from updating a kitchen or bath, to opening walls, to adding square footage – Zawalski Construction is here to get your home where you want it to be, and we’ve been doing this for many years in Long Beach and surrounding beach cities. Check out some of our completed kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and whole house remodels to get an idea of how we’ve helped others and to start putting together your own ideas for your space. And when you’re ready, reach out and contact us. We are happy to discuss your upcoming project with you.