Kitchen Remodel That Tastes so Good

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is probably the one project in your house with the most moving parts. Electrical, plumbing, gas and appliances all need to be installed correctly so you can count on them to be there for you every day. The kitchen is also the one room that can add the most value when it’s properly remodeled. Doing so is no small task and is best left to a qualified kitchen remodeling contractor.

Designing Your New Kitchen

When you hire the right company for your kitchen remodel you get knowledgeable assistance through the design phase, skilled craftsmen during the build stage and quality work that lasts long after the job is complete. Zawalski Construction is known for offering all this in a process that is smooth and results in a pleasurable experience – this is why many of our customers are referrals from others who wish to share their positive experience with those they know, and why so many in Long Beach have hired us multiple times.

Many of our kitchen remodels are reflections of our clients and their unique tastes. We take pride in creating spaces that not only reflect the homeowner, but also complement the existing architecture within the house. Whether it’s new contemporary construction or part of a larger historic restoration, Zawalski Construction will bring in the right resources to plan and execute your job within a timely manner.

Making the Kitchen Remodel a Reality

Our skilled craftsmen are hand-selected by Chris Zawalski himself, because anyone who represents his name needs to uphold the same respect he holds for his clients and the homes they enter. They also need to be highly skilled so the end product is one that is worthy of the Zawalski Construction name. From tile setters, to cabinet makers, to electricians and plumbers, each and every employee of ours turns out high quality work that can withstand the test of time. There’s a reason we’ve been the go-to contractor in Long Beach for over 25 years.