Salazar Kitchen and Bath

The Salazar family was ready to reinvent their mid-century home and bring it into the 21st century and Zawalski Construction was the perfect partner to complete such a project.

The outside of the home was updated with an ultra-wide modern front door which not only welcomes visitors in grand fashion, but it also sets the tone of the newly reinvented space that lies beyond. Once through the entry, the brightly-lit entry presents the updated stairwell with stainless steel cable railing. Beyond the entry, the space was opened up to present an open concept great room.

The remodeled kitchen was opened up to the rest of the house and topped off with modern finishes that don’t overlook even the subtlest of details. Floating glass display shelves, our signature hidden outlets and clerestory windows are just a few of the little things that separate this kitchen remodel from others.

This home remodel extended into the bathrooms and master bedroom. The bathrooms received full updates with new plumbing, fixtures, cabinetry and finishes throughout. The bathroom remodel feels magical with floating cabinets, an invisible shower enclosure and a sink that flows into the floor. All of these are more details that make this home so special and unique.